Company History

The evolution of ASB Logistic

Binder Transporte, Röhrnbach

  • 1985: Founding of Binder Transporte, Röhrnbach
    The main focus of the company is local and long‐distance haulage.
  • 1995: The first car transporter begins operation from the Binder Transporte yard.
  • 2003: Binder Transporte opens a workshop at the company headquarters in Röhrnbach, expanding its range of services. In addition to the construction and maintenance of hydraulic systems, the company also begins to offer vehicle repairs and the replacement of components as well as tire services here.
  • 2004: Development and production of vehicle bodies on truck chassis
    Building on their know‐how from many conversions of their own vehicles, Binder Transporte now also develop and manufacture truck bodies for external customers.

Blöchl Transporte, Waldkirchen

  • 1989: Founding of Blöchl Transporte, Waldkirchen
    The logistics company offers vehicle transports in local and long‐distance freight transportation. 

Sonnleitner Transporte, Jandelsbrunn

  • 1999: Founding of Sonnleitner Transporte, Jandelsbrunn
    In addition to the main business of vehicle transportation, other areas include: Retail trade of new and used vehicles, earthmoving work and the rental of construction machinery and equipment.
  • 2005: Sonnleitner Transporte sets up its own workshop in Jandelsbrunn.
  • 2006: Sonnleitner Transporte operates under the name of H & W Sonnleitner OHG.

ASB Fahrzeuglogistic GmbH

  • 2007: Founding of ASB Fahrzeuglogistic GmbH
    With the merger of their three transport companies, Binder Transporte, H & W Sonnleitner OHG and Blöchl Transporte significantly expand their capacities. By pooling their expertise and experience into one company, the logistics experts add strength to their company to handle the growing demands in a rapidly changing industry.
  • 2009: Expansion of the fleet to 30 transporters
    ASB Logistic adds 4 new trucks to its fleet: 2 Mercedes‐Benz Actros 1841 and 2 MAN TGX – equipped with specialized structures for the transport of chassis, trucks, cars and agricultural and construction machinery.

Managing directors: Christian Binder and Johann Sonnleitner

The new location of ASB Logistic

  • 2017: Construction of the logistics center and head office
    Construction of the logistics center with head office and in‐house automotive workshop at our headquarters in Röhrnbach.
  • June 2018: Opening of the new location
    With the opening of the new location in June 2018, ASB Logistic lays the foundation for further company growth and the expansion of their international vehicle and container logistics network. 
  • 2019: Expansion of the fleet to 65 vehicles
    Expansion of the company vehicle fleet to 65 vehicles with the addition of innovative crane trucks and transporters. 
  • 2020: Order management and scheduling using artificial intelligence
    For the customized IT‐solution in vehicle logistics from the software provider INFORM, ASB Logistic receives the highest possible subsidy from the EU‐sponsored Digitalbonus Bayern. 
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