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ASB Logistic – We are always on the move and our track record speaks for itself

Currently, 65 modern transporter trailers (based on MAN and Mercedes chassis, compliant with the Euro emission standards 5 and 6) are in use at ASB Logistic:

  • 20 low-bed trailers
  • 8 car transporters
  • 28 special trailers with specialized equipment
  • 9 semi-trailers for transporting particularly heavy machinery

With our two company‐owned automotive workshops, we ensure that nothing is overseen, with our vehicles and trailers able to be adapted to your special requirements at any time. We are constantly expanding our fleet capacity.

Car Transporter – Bringing Your Precious Cargo Safely Into Position

We focus on high quality when it comes to both the foundations of our vehicles as well as their superstructures. Therefore, all our car transporters are equipped with Metago and Supertrans systems, the latest in high‐tech from Kässbohrer allowing versatile and safe loading techniques.

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Low‐Bed Trailers – Those Who Can Stack So Low, Usually Have More to Offer Than Others

To ensure the journey doesn’t end before it begins, we prefer to take it upon ourselves to equip our low‐bed trailers to ship caravans and motor homes. The superstructures we use are largely developed by us. Where necessary, we adapt them to meet any special requirements. A service which is also gladly used by our colleagues in the industry.

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Special Transporters – All‐Rounders That Can Also Handle Specialized Tasks

When particularly heavy or demanding jobs need to be carried out or different types of goods need to be transported quickly and safely from A to B, we use our specialized trailers. State‐of‐the‐art low‐bed trailerswith special stacking and platform technology are particularly designed for mixed loads with cars, caravans, motor homes and commercial vehicles as well as for construction and agricultural machinery.

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On-time delivery, safe transport and comprehensive all-round service in vehicle transportation are a given with us.

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