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International automotive logistics of the highest standard

Secure Car Transports, Europe-Wide

Flexible, reliable and straightforward – we transport cars nationally and internationally with our vehicles, always maintaining the highest standards. Our extensive logistics network, our competent team and our modern car shipments form the basis for the safe and fast transport of your car.

We offer our customers tailor‐made solutions for car transport and provide accompanying technical services, all at our logistics center in Röhrnbach. We also happily transport vehicles for private customers, delivering your car quickly and reliably straight to your home garage.

Due to our central location in Europe, we are privileged to be one of the most important logistics partners of all our local car manufacturers and as a Bavarian haulage company we are constantly expanding.

Efficient Process Management for Perfect Solutions

To guarantee the best possible service and transport, we use our modern logistics software to determine the safest and most economical route for car transport. We ship vehicles of all makes and models and guarantee individualized solutions to match and exceed your expectations.

The cars are, of course, comprehensively insured with us during transport and are in permanent, direct contact with our head office by means of high‐tech electronic data processing (EDP). 

ASB Prozessmanagement

Advanced Technology and Comprehensive Service

A qualified service team with a great deal of know‐how and two company‐owned expert automotive workshops at our Röhrnbach and Jandelsbrunn locations enable us to provide not only transport solutions but also numerous workshop and vehicle services. Comprehensively insured and video‐monitored, the vehicles stand ready for shipping on our outdoor premises and are serviced on request. Innovative electric charging stations allow for effective handling, enabling us to provide a wide range of services.

Our range of services spans from the addition and removal of vehicles from the fleet and everything involved in these processes through to the delivery to the end customer, inspections, emission tests, vehicle assessments and paint work.

We also, of course, offer full and complete fleet management not only for new cars but also for used cars. Whether large orders from renowned manufacturers and companies or orders from private customers, we master every logistical challenge and carry out all kinds of vehicle transports quickly and safely!

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