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INFORM and ASB Logistic Develop Individualized Solutions in Vehicle Logistics

For the customized IT‐solution in vehicle logistics from the software provider INFORM, ASB Logistic receives the highest possible subsidy from the EU‐sponsored Digitalbonus Bayern. With the end‐to‐end management and optimization of all transport and workshop processes, ASB Logistic intends to digitize all processes and respond reliably and flexibly to customer requests at all times. The goal is to expand on its leading position in a rapidly changing industry sector.


30‐Year Service Anniversary

A dream came true for our most loyal of employees, Manfred Fischer, on his 30thanniversary with us! He has already circumnavigated the world 112 times with approx. 4.5 million kilometers under his belt! From now on, Manfred is on the road with a Scania R650 V8 (with specialized platform superstructure). With this, he can safely transport construction machinery, agricultural machinery, motor homes, caravans, and cars. Touched, Manfred happily accepted the key to the new vehicle! We extend a big thank‐you and look forward to the continued successful and accident‐free teamwork!

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