Our Logistics Center

Latest technology, efficient processes

Our new logistics center and head office is located in the heart of Europe. Your vehicles, in addition to being well insured, are safely stored at our well‐lit, fully fenced 40,000 square meter outdoor area with video surveillance while awaiting their onward transportation.

State‐of‐the‐art technology such as electric charging stations allow for efficient handling.

In addition to warehousing, we are also happy to take care of other services for you such as the comprehensive management of vehicle fleets and everything involved in the final delivery to the customer.

We offer comprehensive fleet management for both new and used cars.

Qualified specialists in our company‐owned workshops carry out all necessary work for you

You don’t need to worry about a thing, as we provide the following services on request:

  • Painting work
  • Smart repair
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Vehicle construction
  • Vehicle conversions
  • Workshop servicing
  • Inspections
  • General and emission inspections (HU and ASU)
  • Expert assessments
  • Auto detailing

We also offer the following services in our logistics center:

  • Surface rust removal
  • Vehicle washing
  • Battery care
  • Glass servicing
  • Tire care
  • Underbody protection
  • Refueling
  • Handling and storage of vehicle documents
Success Story
INFORM and ASB Logistic develop individualized solutions in vehicle logistics
We look forward to your logistics request!

On‐time delivery, safe transport and comprehensive all‐round service in vehicle transportation are a given with us.

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