Truck Shipping

Europe‐wide truck shipping for both partial and full loads

Safe Truck Shipping Throughout Europe

As a constantly growing logistics company, we are the perfect partner for truck shipments and take on even the biggest challenges in international truck haulage.

We offer you truck shipping with excellent transit times and value. For more than two decades, we have been taking care of national and international haulage and will transport your trucks within Europe reliably and on time to their destination.

Whether to France, Poland or Italy, thanks to state‐of‐the‐art logistics, we are well set up to handle the daily demands of trucking. Our many years of international expertise, our specially trained drivers and our innovative fleet form the foundation of our carefully thought out solutions in the industry. We supply both retail customers and industrial locations.

Whatever kind of shipping you require, we always have the right solution for you. Our approaches and solutions are as extraordinary as your requirements!

Individual Transport Solutions Using Intelligent Systems

Logistics requires intelligent management to ensure that your truck arrives at the right place at the right time. We offer individualized national and international shipping, taking into account all local conditions and the unique features of your trucks.

We begin by assessing your requirements in relation to our capacities, and based on this, we develop an efficient logistics solution to complete the shipment. In addition, we are experienced in using the standard logistical booking portals and have many years of experience with time slot bookings. On‐time deliveries can be guaranteed thanks to the state‐of‐the‐art information and technical systems we have within our company.

Sustainable Management for Optimal Results

Using appropriate and efficient securing and container loading of your truck, we ensure that every vehicle reaches its destination safely. Whether full or partial loads (FTL/LTL), special shipments or heavy load transports – we not only take care of the transport of your truck, but we also take care of all administrative procedures, such as organizing all necessary documents, preparing documents for export shipments, customs clearance and cargo inspection.

Your truck is fully insured with us and monitored by telematics during the transport. This guarantees safe and smooth shipping and monitoring of your cargo by means of GPS signal, allowing you to track the location of your truck at any time. Furthermore, this allows us to inform the recipient of the exact time of the arrival of the cargo.

We are constantly striving to expand and optimize our range of services

That is why we offer individualized services in our company‐owned vehicle workshop in addition to shipping. Our experts work specifically according to your requirements and can carry out various services for you such as vehicle conversions and reconditioning as well as paint repairs and maintenance. The trucks are temporarily stored on our video‐monitored premises in Röhrnbach before being prepared for transport following completion of the servicing.


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